Daily life

Sometimes a good cup of coffee…

Sometimes a good cup of coffee is not enough…I guess

Sometimes the days are cold and slow and the day gets dark very, oh so very quickly

You wait in the cold snow, your scarf and boots get wet and you arrive late at work. And it can be very much like a domino effect, because you arrived late, you have to compensate on lunch time if you want to get paid for the whole day. Because you had less time for lunch, the day seems longer, and because the day seems longer, there is very, very few enthusiasm to get through the numerous calls, files and e-mails.

When time gets slow like this, I think about what I’d like to be doing instead of this, or what I would like to do after work.

Do you believe in life after a corporate job? I know I do. I am a criminal, in a way, in the sense that I read articles about video montage and wordpress and easy apps to learn to code and start a network of content creation when I am not supposed to be doing that.

Then again, I did what I had to do for the day, what else am I supposed to be doing in this very narrow space? (The desk is literally 4’ long by 2’ wide). I believe that it’s not really a bad thing to be looking for ways to better my knowledge and performance and nourish my dreams and motivation during that time. It is still work, after all.

Sometimes I write a sneaky text message to my man. Wondering how he is doing during this cold weather, at his very own desk, two miles from here. I get a warm and fuzzy combination of dreaminess and anticipation when I think that I will get to see him tonight after work (and a bit discouraged when I think about the dishes and the mountain of clothes that await to be folded, but that’s a small detail). I think about this time in the office as a good kickstart for our future life an dreams, where I have the luxury in between two calls to think abour our future and my future and to figure out who I am. I think about all the big and small sacrifices we do out of love for each other.

And then I remember the smell of strong coffee that he makes for me in the morning, in spite the fact that he hates strong, dark coffee. It makes me smile that he puts time into doing that for me.

Sometimes, that kind of cup of coffee is just good enough for me. Sometimes, it’s the only thing I need.



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