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Artist for January: Eliza Gauger

So, here’s an idea I’ve had for a while.

I profoundly love art, and few things excite me as much as to discover a new artist with both talent and experience. I feel a bit like Indiana Jones when I make a new discovery and that I spend time on their tumblr, instagram, facebook or portfolio. So, to share with you my joy, the concept is that once a month I share with you the work of an artist that I have discovered and that I like. It can be a figure from the great History of art, as much as an emerging talent with 10 followers on Instagram.


For the month of January, I present to you Eliza Gauger, creator of Problem Glyphs. (

problemglyphs: “ Glyph: [GRACE AMIDST MONSTERS] Problem: “ Anonymous asked you: November 4th 2013, 1:00:00 am The more time I spend with my roommates the more convinced I am that they’re awful people and I’m afraid being around them so much is really...

Credit: Eliza Gauger

The concept is deliciously simple: members of the public send her problems of experiences they’re dealing with, and as an answer to those problems she creates sigils that take the strenght of the problem and turn it againt it. She works this magic with symbols, runes and mythical themes. For exemple, the sigil shown above is a direct reply to the following problem: “The more time I spend with my roommates the more convinced I am that they’re awful people and I’m afraid being around them so much is really starting to affect me.” In this problem, the author can be interpreded as the little red riding hood: a vulnerable being in the middle of a dark forest, surrounded by wolves. Still, the red riding hood carries the severed head of one of the wolves in her basket, looking defiantly in front of her. The runes Hagalaz and Naudiz, respectively meaning destruction and obstacles, can be seen beside her. Even if the author of the problem can feel that she’s not powerful and vulnerable, she can overthrow her obstacle and face the monsters.

What’s most beautiful in Eliza’s art, is that every problem and all confessions are treated equally. Not one message turned into sigil is treated as immoral, weak or sad. They all carry their own energy and give a voice, an image and an idea to people that, otherwise, maybe wouldn’t have the courage to share what they’ve been through nor their perceptions. There is something both theapeutic and spiritual about this project.

If you like the occult, mythology, symbolism and empowerment, Eliza’s sigils will please you.

I had the immense pleasure to participate in her recent Kickstarter for a compilation book of her most famous sigils. I should recieve it in spring (I’ll show it to you at reception, I promise). But even if it’s too late to participate in it, you can buy patches and temporary tattoos at her  Etsy  store or support her on Patreon.


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